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Several excellent book reviews have been published for Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials

Geological Society of London – Geoscientist – September, 2012

A particular strength lies in linking financial, technical and environmental aspects, giving the reader a clear picture of how and why things are done the way they are. Anyone reading it will have gained a very good introduction to the business and will be able to enter into informed debate on aspects of an industry which underpins our everyday life. 

The mining business is extremely complex and involves a wide variety of geological professionals working alongside others with technical skills. An overview of the industry, explaining concepts and bringing an appreciation of how its various parts link up, has long been needed.This book has the wide-ranging ambition to fill this gap, and it does it admirably.

Reviwed by Bill Gaskarth

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Geoscientist – Geological Society of London – September 2012

Resource World Magazine – May, 2011

Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials is not only a valuable resource for mining stock inves­tors, but it will also benefit anyone working in the resource industry, especially those working in investor relations and brokers specializing in min­ing stocks Ellsworth Dickson – Resource World Magazine Editor

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Resource World Review – May 2011

The American Institute of Professional Geologists – The Professional Geologist Magazine – Sept/Oct., 2011

The text is a distinctive summary of the major components of the mining industry. The graphics are well done. The photographs are generally crisp and nicely descriptive of the subject matter. The diagrams are simple and the colors used in the diagrams clearly present the technical features described. 

In summary, Mineral Exploration and Mining Essentials provides an excellent introduction to the mining industry for its target, non-technical audience. It is also a book that economic geologists may find useful in providing basic information that can be used to guide presentations to non-technically trained associates.

Reviwed by David M. Abbott, Jr. and William J. Siok

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The Professional Geology Sept Oct 2011

European Geologist Magazine – May, 2011

This book very successfully meets the objective of presenting an overview of the exploration and mining industry and I can highly recommend it to those in the business community dealing with the resource sector and to those students considering a career in the industry – John Clifford, PGeo, Athlone Ireland

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European Geologist Magazine – May 2011

Field Notes – Assocation of Professional Geologists of Ontario Newsletter – May/June, 2011

Simple terminology and crisp diagrams are used to explain the basic concepts of all aspects of mining – geology, engineering and economics – for a target audience which ranges from prospectors to financiers.

…. this was one of the most popular books for sale at this year’s annual convention of the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada. It is easy to see why Claudia Cochrane, M.Sc., P.Geo. 

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APGO – Book Review – June 2011